How It Works

For Students

  • Start posting your question by clicking on POST QUESTION and follow the direction. If you didn’t sign up or joined with us, you will be asked to join. A few easy steps; will take less than 30 seconds to join.
  • Once you complete posting your Homework Question, we will share your questions with all of the STUDY SERIOUS users and offer them your asking price to answer your questions.
  • STUDY SERIOUS users will find your questions by searching or browsing subject category questions in this website. Users then will write up tutorials using their expertise and submit under your questions by attaching a file or just copy/pasting the answers. Tutors can put lower or higher price for their tutorials.
  • After Tutors Post their answers or solutions guide under the questions, the answers will show 20% of the entire work so that asker or potential buyer can make assumptions whether the answers are acceptable or a best choice. Multiple answers may be posted by different tutors.
  • Before any tutorials you purchase we recommend you to look at the tutor’s rating and their earned income. Rated A+ Tutors with higher $ earner are always recommended.
  • When you decide which one to purchase …just click BUY and you will be forwarded to payment process. Payment process can be done by secure PAYPAL or Google Check out/ Google Wallet using major credit cards.
  • After your payment process is done, you will be forwarded to your tutorials to retrieve and download. Study Serious will send you an email notification after every purchase is made. The tutorial that you purchase will be stored in your Tutorial Vault for future access. You can leave feedback/ Rating for the tutors for their performance.

Make Money

Make Money as a Tutor
  • Students post questions for homework help, asking how to solve an academic or professional question. They put a price along with their question/problem they need help with in order to get direction to solve correctly.
  • As a tutor you find those questions by searching or Browsing or by clicking make money. You can also set an alert for ‘New question just posted” within your area of expertise.
  • As a tutor, you would prepare tutorials, show how to solve their problems correctly and show techniques to learn the materials easier. When you post your tutorial you can also put a price that you think your labor is worth regardless to that price that was set by asker.
  • As a tutor you have unlimited potential to make money of the tutorials/answers that you would post because Study Serious will keep your tutorials forever.
  • As a tutor, when you post a tutorial, 20% of your original work would show randomly so that the student can make clear assumption that the answer is acceptable.
  • As a tutor, you will receive 85% of the price that you put when only the asker buys the tutorial. When the same tutorial is purchased by others, you would receive 55% and continue to sell it for the same forever.