About Us

Three college friends got so tired running after campus tutors that they almost thought college was not for them. Most college campus tutors are busy with many students at a time. Sometimes it is almost impossible to make an appointment when students need help with homework desperately. After putting advertisements on campus billboards 3 friends saw no response to their ads. Finally they decide to open a billboard online looking for tutors. At the same time they started posting their own homework that they completed in the previous semesters and started making money off of their used homework. They figured out how to “STUDY SERIOUS” and came up with the name STUDYSERIOUS.COM. Their old billboard was modified to this excellent web resource for students. Students are advised to use this website responsibly since materials found here may not be original. Our main goal is to help you solve your homework problems most effectively. So find a tutor here that you think best suit for your homework needs. Good luck!!